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Drumsite is a program for creating drum parts for your songs. The program uses digital samples and is not dependent on the quality of your MIDI sounds. Using Drumsite is very easy - use prepared pattern banks or create your own rhythms. Export to WAV and mix with other instruments. That's it.

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  • no limits to your creativity, create ANY rhythm you want
  • virtually unlimited rhythm length
  • virtually unlimited number of instruments
  • multi-samples support - say goodbye to robotic-sounding drums
  • define your own drumsets
  • apply many effects - 8-band equalizer, reverb, distortion, compressor, gargle, pitch of the samples
  • supports fade-off triggered on sample by another samples (useful for hi-hat and pedal combination)
  • assign samples to keyboard and record your custom-played rhythm
  • adding hits while rhythm is playing
  • WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis file support, stereo, mono, 1000 - 96 000 Hz
  • import rhythm from MIDI
  • export to WAV
  • export in custom sample rate (96 000 Hz for example)
  • pattern banks
  • unlimited Undo, Redo support

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