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Selecting hits.

Selecting hits is useful for performing group operations i.e. deleting, moving, copying etc.

Hits can be selected by various methods:

  • individual hit is selected or deselected by holding down CTRL key and left-clicking the hit
  • a group of hits can be selected by dragging a selection rectangle - holding down CTRL key and left-clicking the upper left corner of the selection area and dragging the cursor to the desired direction. (see picture below)
  • by pressing CTRL + T over the bar - all hits in bar will be selected / deselected

Moving hits.

Moving hits is performed either on a selected group of hits or an individual hit.
In both cases, hold down SHIFT key, left click the hit and drag to a new location. (see image below)

The result of the operation can be seen in the picture below.

Copying / pasting hits.

A group of selected hits can be copied to clipboard and then pasted to a new location.
Operation is pretty standard - select hits to be copied, press CTRL + C (or go via Edit menu), press CTRL + V over the bar you want to paste to.

You may want to adjust target bar and tick position in the dialog or insert some bars at the position in case it is not empty. When you are ready, just press Paste button. (or Enter)
The result can be seen in the image below.

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