Software for guitar tuning

If you are a beginner guitarist, one of the reasons you won't sound so good is that you have not yet learnt how to tune your guitar properly. Tuning the guitar prior to playing is very important as guitars tend to go out of tune very quickly. For this purpose, there are several online software that can enable you to tune a guitar with the help of a computer. Of course, we are referring to electric guitars here, which can be connected to a computer.

Some of the software you can use for fine tuning are Guitar Tuner, Digital Guitar Tuner, Roboguru Guitar Tools, Tone Guitar Tuner, Bogota Guitar Tuner, etc. There are many other sources too and you can find more information about musical tuning and guitar tuning, to be specific, on sites such as Music Learning Tools, Live 4 Guitar and How to Tune a Guitar. These software work with the sound card and microphone of your computer to determine the exact pitch of the guitar strings. You can fine tune your guitar properly with the help of these kind of software because you are able to easily test and work until you are satisfied.

Moreover, in addition to enabling accuracy in tuning your guitar, you are also able to choose from different tuning settings, which is useful if you play different styles of music. As a guitarist, you may find a certain tuning more to your taste than others. The tuner detects the string that is being played automatically and shows its details - such as frequency and note, which you can then adjust according to your requirements. As always, tune the bottom-E string first, and then set the rest of the strings according to it.

Most of these programs are generally compatible with Windows, though a few software can be found that would work with other operating systems. Some programs are freeware and others can be tried out before purchase. With so many resources, you will find that making a choice can be difficult, but rewarding.

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