Bass samples for Drumsite

Drums and bass make it a perfect combination for creating backgrounds for improvisation for guitarists or other musicians.

We offer you 64 good-quality OGG Vorbis bass samples (or WAV, if you prefer, but there is almost no difference in quality, except the WAVs are much bigger in size), one for each string and frets from 1 to 15.
There is also a drumset for Drumsite, with all fade-offs and settings set, to make it easy for you to use it.

Listen to the bass MP3 demo and if you like what you hear, order for only 10 EUR.
Demo song was created in Drumsite, of course :-)

Please be aware that you can plug ANY type of sound into Drumsite, not just bass samples.

Order bass samples

And what shall you do with them? Plug them into Drumsite and you can enjoy our free drum patterns to the fullest!

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